Working in Retirement? 8 Great Part-time and Work-at-Home Jobs for Retirees

Staying Put at Home Tips for Senior HealthNow that you have retired and are settling in at home, you might discover that you left the workplace too soon. Maybe you need a little extra money to supplement your income and help out around the house. Maybe you miss having the structure and schedule that a job can provide. Maybe you just miss interacting with the public on a regular basis. There are a number of reasons why retired seniors may hope to re-enter the work force. In fact, roughly 74% of seniors are expected to pursue another job or career after retirement.1 For this post, Staying Put at Home will look at a few part-time or work-from-home jobs that are popular among seniors.

Potential Jobs for Retirees

  • Tutor: While transitioning into retirement, many teachers and professors become tutors. This work is not limited to those in the teaching field however, as many companies hire tutors who demonstrate aptitude in a given area. Tutoring can be done both in-person or online, making it as convenient as possible. One website that specializes in tutoring is
  • Freelance Writer or Editor: One great thing about the internet is that it gives a venue for many more voices to be heard. People want content, and many companies are responding by hiring freelance writers to fill this desire. These companies also want this content to read well, so they hire editors to pore over each text to make sure it meets a high standard. Now is the time that you can put a life’s worth of experience into writing.
  • Library Assistant/Aide: Many local and university libraries need help with shelving books and answering questions. While some libraries ask workers to have an undergraduate or graduate degree in library science, many others don’t require such qualifications. Call or email your local library to find out more.
  • Translator: Do you speak another language? Translation services are almost always in demand, especially with hospitals and legal enterprises. Best of all, it can often be done from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, the translation field is predicted to grow by 36 percent in the next five years, meaning more opportunities are sure to come.2
  • Bookkeeping: Many small businesses often look for part-time bookkeepers. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that one-fourth of bookkeepers are part-time.3 If you worked with numbers pre-retirement, then a company could relish your experience. This is even truer if you have an advanced degree or a CPA credential. It’s worth noting that most bookkeeping requires being up-to-date with certain software, like QuickBooks.
  • Consultant: You have built up a solid foundation of knowledge about your profession over decades of work. Now that you have retired, however, you don’t want all that information to lay fallow. Consulting can be a good way to keep one foot in the career path you have cultivated over the years.
  • Customer Service Representative: After retirement, it is common for seniors to miss the frequent interactions they once had with the public. Being a customer service representative can help soothe this feeling. While some companies prefer representatives work onsite, others (like Hilton Hotels or American Airlines) allow customer service reps to work remotely. These jobs usually require you to have an up-to-date computer, high-speed internet, and a telephone headset.
  • Tour Guide or Museum Guard: If you’re comfortable standing on your feet and talking to crowds, then a tour guide or museum guard position could be a lot of fun. These jobs let you put all that knowledge that you’ve accumulated over the years to good use.

Government Programs and Agencies Can Help Find Work

Certain federal agencies can be a great resource for seniors looking to get back into the workforce. For example, the National Older Worker Career Center has job listings for seniors over 55 on their website. Websites like Go Government and USA Jobs can also connect seniors to potential jobs in the government. However, those sites aren’t limited to senior workers, so you’ll be competing against younger candidates for jobs. Don’t let that dissuade you, as experience counts for a lot in this labor force.

The US State Department also has a page that lists a plethora of job sites for seniors. If you’re just getting started on your job search, then this page can be a nice consolidation of a gaggle of helpful employment avenues.

Watch Out For Scams

While some of these opportunities are legitimate, a great many are too good to be true. The FBI warns that many work from home listings are just avenues for crooks to commit identity theft or swindle people into giving away money.

One scam that is perpetrated time and time again is the “Medical Billing Work” crime. The scammers will convince you about a growing market of preparing bills for doctors’ offices. They will then send you software and training manuals that cost hundreds or thousands. Once they have your money, they disappear and leave you with a bunch of worthless tools and no jobs.

Another common trick is the envelope stuffing scheme. Workers will need to pay an “investment” in the materials, which they will never see again. Remember to ask yourself why anyone would pay a person to stuff envelopes when they could hire a specialist business who would do it for much cheaper.

ALWAYS check the legitimacy of a company before contacting them or giving them any confidential information. Make sure that you ask plenty of questions. If you encounter a possible scam, then report it as quickly as possible to the Federal Trade Commission or the Better Business Bureau.

Whether you need to earn a little extra cash or enter a field that you have always been curious about, there are numerous jobs out there for retirees. Just be careful about maintaining your security and NEVER provide sensitive information if you have the slightest feeling that a company is fraudulent. If you have any tips about career searches, then please share with the Staying Put at Home community in the comment section.

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