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AARP: Career, family, finance, health and home advice for Americans over 50.

Administration on Aging: Extensive information on the many programs available to seniors through the Older Americans Act and other government resources.

Alzheimer’s Association: The latest medical data on Alzheimer’s disease management.

American Cancer Society:In-depth resource detailing cancer symptoms, causes, treatment options and support services.

American Chronic Pain Association: Management suggestions for chronic pain sufferers.

American Diabetes Association: Guidance on how to control diabetes through medical assistance and healthy lifestyle habits.

American Heart Association: Comprehensive information on heart disease issues and ways to address them.

The American Geriatrics Society: Resource for older Americans looking for information on senior care advances and geriatric medicine specialists.

The American Institute of Stress: Advice on how to identify the warning signs of stress and manage its symptoms.

American Society on Aging: Expansive resource with information on aging, caregiving and senior wellness.

Arthritis Foundation: Disease prevention and management suggestions for arthritis sufferers.

Assisted Living Foundation: A community organization that focuses on helping the elderly enjoy every day.

Bliss Tubs: American manufacturer of high-quality walk-in bathtubs made to enhance user safety and wellness.

Caregiver Action Network: Resources for individuals who are caregivers.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Recommendations for wellness and safety preparedness.

Consumer Product Safety Commission: Up-to-the-minute information on the most recent product recalls. Online resource for seniors and their loved ones from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Fall Prevention Center of Excellence: Forum providing materials and programs on how to stop falls in homes.

Family Caregiver Alliance: A support website for caregivers across the country. Government resource for wellness information.

LeadingAge: An extensive association committed to helping seniors age well.

Mayo Clinic: Qualified health information from the world’s largest nonprofit medical group.

MedlinePlus: A comprehensive online library of health topics from the National Library of Medicine.

National Academy on an Aging Society: A research organization bringing greater awareness to the most pressing senior-related issues in the United States.

National Aging in Place Council: A network of regional resources promoting senior independence.

National Alliance for Caregiving: Advice and support for those in caregiver roles.

National Cancer Institute: A valuable resource for cancer patients and their loved ones.

National Council on Aging: Recommendations for seniors on how to live safe and healthy lives.

National Osteoporosis Foundation: One of the nation’s foremost resources for the education, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

National Safety Council: Suggestions for home, road and work safety.

National Sleep Foundation: Informative materials for individuals with sleep disorders.

NeighborWorks America: An organization whose mission is to cultivate strong and supportive communities across the United States.

NIH National Institute of Mental Health: Resource on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.

NIH Senior Health: For individuals wanting information on aging and senior health. Government website on health, home and other topics of interest to seniors.


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