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Twenty years ago, a dear family member was fortunate to have home care during a year-long progressively debilitating illness. During that time, she stoically endured her suffering. Her one frequently expressed wish was that she could bathe in a tub. It gives us great pleasure to offer the safe and dignified bathing experience of walk-in tubs that my dear family member longed for so much.

– Jess Foster, President, Bliss Tubs


Staying Put at Home is the blog for Bliss Tubs, the walk-in bathtub manufacturer with an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction and senior wellness. Since 2008, we have been producing exceptional quality and affordable walk-in bathtubs for individuals across the United States. Each of our walk-in tubs comes custom-built for the comfort and convenience of our customers.

Bliss Walk-in Tubs provide in-home safety and independence. For some people, taking a bath or shower can create anxiety, as they may not have the strength or stamina to bathe without help. However, Bliss Tub users can benefit from our standard safety features, including ADA-compliant seats, secure grab bars and non-slip floors. Our walk-in bathtubs can also allow individuals stay in their homes rather than leave them for costly assisted living facilities.

The hydrotherapy benefits of Bliss Tubs can ease many medical conditions as well. Water therapy has been used for centuries to relieve body pain and stiffness. This all-natural treatment option can soothe the discomfort and other ill side effects associated with arthritis, diabetes, sleep disorders, stress and cancer. Best of all, walk-in tub users can seek relief from their symptoms at any time when they have Bliss Tubs in their homes.

Staying Put at Home puts individuals in touch with the information they need to enjoy safer, more self-sufficient and healthier lives. By sharing the most current news on topics relevant to the senior community, we hope to empower readers wishing to improve their wellbeing and independence.

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